Parental orders and paperwork!

It may surprise many people to know that we have finally concluded our first journey just last week! Yes Isaac was born almost a year ago (he turns 1 on November 6th!) and last week we finally went to court and have been granted our parental order!! If you're wondering what this means, let me … Continue reading Parental orders and paperwork!


Its a Big Fat No

Today's post will be short one to update our journey. We heard from our coordinator a few days ago and unfortunately our attempt failed 😦 as we are out of embryos and not able to do stimulation at the clinic again, we are back to the beginning of thinking of what our next steps should … Continue reading Its a Big Fat No

Back In the game

October has begun and I haven't written a post in what feels like forever! Months have gone by, and with it our first fathers day as a family and my husband finally had his day! He was beaming as we opened presents together and he got every cheesy "Who's the Daddy", "Best Dad" and "Worlds … Continue reading Back In the game

Back to the the drawing board

We had an update from the clinic yesterday. Our surrogate was scanned to check if the pregnancy was progressing and unfortunately the sac was empty. After waiting for what seemed forever to have this scan, it felt strangely like relief to me that we know one way or another and we can move on. My … Continue reading Back to the the drawing board

Here we go again! 2ww!

We finally have some news It seems like we have been waiting forever to hear about a surrogate match and a transfer but we finally had news a couple of weeks ago. I'm excited to say that a transfer of our embryos happened today to our lovely new surrogate! So we are officially in a … Continue reading Here we go again! 2ww!