Week 8!

This is just a quick update as our surrogate has had a scan at 8 weeks and our 2 embryos are still fighting strong with heartbeats. We have a few weeks to wait until she has another scan and this will be, by far, the most difficult few weeks we will wait. Right now I’m … Continue reading Week 8!


First scan after huge HCG

Our first scan was done on Wednesday 3rd July and it’s taken me until now to try and find the words to write this. On Wednesday afternoon, I received a message from our coordinator to say that the scan had happened and there are 2 embryos growing well! A third had implanted but had failed … Continue reading First scan after huge HCG

6 weeks and I’m in knots!

It’s 4 weeks ago that our embryos were transferred to our surrogate. That means the pregnancy will be classed as 6 weeks at this stage. 6 weeks and our little embryo will be dividing and looking a bit like a tadpole and measuring maybe 0.5cm. We have our scan tomorrow and should have an English … Continue reading 6 weeks and I’m in knots!

What’s the????…The HCG is what???

Our surrogate had her blood test yesterday to check her HCG levels. I wasn’t expecting the results until today but our beautiful coordinator, Yaryna, knew how nervous and scared I was so she championed a speedy result for me and sent me a surprise message yesterday afternoon. Let me just say, I don’t know how … Continue reading What’s the????…The HCG is what???

Can This Be the One??

It’s been 2 weeks since our transfer and I must say, the past 2 weeks have been  DRIVING ME NUTS! Waiting is so difficult, even more so when it’s surrogacy as it’s not in your own body. There’s no early testing we can do, no symptoms that I can experience, we just have to wait. … Continue reading Can This Be the One??