One month and one big change in direction

On August 23rd we found out our surrogate had miscarried our second twin baby. On September 23, we were in Kiev having a consultation with a new doctor and new clinic. What a difference a month can make! It maybe grief, a change in direction, a fresh start or a million other things but after hearing … Continue reading One month and one big change in direction


Thank you!

I’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of messages, calls, emails, cards and flowers that have been received since my last post. Thank you all, the support and kindness has had me in tears at times. Its been a very difficult time in our lives but we are finding our feet and a way forward. The … Continue reading Thank you!

Vanishing Twin Syndrome

Yesterday, we found out that one of our twin babies didn’t make it, the other one is well. I read the message and just stared at the my phone for a while, shocked and then my eyes welled up. I was so sad for our baby....for both our babies! One who would now be without … Continue reading Vanishing Twin Syndrome

First scan after huge HCG

Our first scan was done on Wednesday 3rd July and it’s taken me until now to try and find the words to write this. On Wednesday afternoon, I received a message from our coordinator to say that the scan had happened and there are 2 embryos growing well! A third had implanted but had failed … Continue reading First scan after huge HCG

6 weeks and I’m in knots!

It’s 4 weeks ago that our embryos were transferred to our surrogate. That means the pregnancy will be classed as 6 weeks at this stage. 6 weeks and our little embryo will be dividing and looking a bit like a tadpole and measuring maybe 0.5cm. We have our scan tomorrow and should have an English … Continue reading 6 weeks and I’m in knots!